What Do You Need to Know to Start a Water Restoration Company?

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In the past four decades, more than 200 weather calamities have been reported around the United States. The aftermath of these disasters has wasted more than 1 billion dollars and has increased the need for the water restoration industry.

Every part of the United States suffers from different kinds of storms. However, the frequency and the severity of these natural calamities have only signified the importance of the restoration companies. This can indeed be a profitable field if you decide to invest in it. 

But, establishing a new business from scratch is no easy feat. It requires detailed planning and a systematic plan of action. 

What to keep in mind prior to starting a water restoration business?

Prior to hiring the staff and buying the equipment, you may want to keep in mind certain things that we will discuss below. 

Purchase a franchise or begin everything on your own?

When you set out your foot to begin your own water restoration company, you will initially have two pathways. You can either start everything from scratch on your own or you can buy a franchise. 

Both options have their own set of pros and cons, so the decision is totally at your discretion. The best approach is to do complete research and then make a choice.

If you purchase a franchise, your company will be up and running in no time, however, it requires a huge amount of capital or initial investment. You may also need to work for the franchise initially before you can set up your own. 

Moreover, you will need to follow a strict protocol and set of rules when running a franchise. There has to be a uniformity of action. 

On the other hand, if you start the business from scratch you will have a wider net of options available. However, you need a lot of knowledge and skill. When you start your own company, you have no guidance to follow, you are all on your own.

You either have to handle everything on your own or get into a reliable partnership. Whatever you decide, you will be at the deciding end of every deal that your business makes. 

Does your area need a water restoration company?

Any type of water restoration business whether started as a franchise or from scratch needs to have feasibility in the area. You must figure out the need for the water restoration business in your location so that you get clients. 

You need to do some homework on the frequency and type of natural disasters that occur in your area for at least the past ten years. 

Moreover, do some research on the already registered and operational water restoration companies in the area. See how these companies are doing, are they working, or are struggling to survive in the industry?

What training and certifications you need to obtain?

Prior to starting any business that requires a certain set of skills and knowledge, it is important to obtain the necessary certifications.

The water restoration business has a slow start because you need to obtain the certifications. You need to be well-trained in mitigating the damages and handling mold infestation problems

Do some research on what kind of certifications you require to work as a water restoration company in the United States and apply as soon as possible. 

Ready to roll with your own restoration company? 

Up til now, we have discussed the considerations you need to keep in mind before starting a water restoration company. These considerations can be summed up in the following points:

  • Franchise or your own setup? 
  • The feasibility of the water restoration company in your area? 
  • What kind of certifications do you need to obtain? 

With a clear picture in your mind, you can now move ahead with the steps to set up your water restoration company. 

  1. The location of the business

One major decision while starting your own water restoration company that can define the scope of your services is the location of your company. 

You need to analyze what kind of restoration business will work best in your area; water restoration or fire restoration. The location you decide should have the scope for a restoration business. 

  1. The Licensing and Insurance 

In the restoration industry, it is imperative to obtain the necessary licensing and insurance before starting your work. First, get your business license to establish your company’s credibility. You might require a contractor’s license as well and insurance for your employees. 

  1. Hiring employees and staff 

Of course, you cannot run a business without staff and employees. You cannot do the fieldwork, marketing, advertising, reconstruction, etc all by yourself. Come up with a hierarchy and then begin hiring employees. 

  1. The purchase of equipment and tools

Without the presence of proper tools and equipment, you can never run a restoration business. Draft a list of all the equipment you require along with their expected costs and start talking to vendors to get your supplies. 

  1. The necessary training and certifications

You must get your employees to obtain the necessary training and certifications to operate in the restoration industry.

 While working on any remediation task, you are responsible for the well-being of your staff, so every member of your team should be properly trained in how to professionally and safely do the job on site. 

There are certain kinds of water damages that cannot be seen such as inside the walls, floors, cabinets, etc. As a company, you must mitigate and treat all types of damages. 

  1. Marketing & Advertising of your business

Once you have hired your employees, done the training, and purchased all the equipment, now you need to get your word out in the market to actually get clients. 

Think about the marketing strategies you can use to spread awareness of your services in your area. Here are some credible ways to establish your brand awareness: 

  • Print your company’s logo on all your vehicles along with your slogan
  • Spread your business cards around the company. Each employee that interacts with a potential customer must offer them your business card. This is a great way to ensure that the clients have your contact at all times. 
  • Start active networking with other organizations in your locations. Come up with special offers and find out who can avail of those offers and get into a collaboration. 
  • If your company does not have a website, it practically does not exist. The internet is the new phone directory. To create an easy-to-navigate website and make sure your list your website on multiple water restoration business directories
  • Create your Google My Business account that will always show your business information and details to any potential customer who is looking for a restoration service in the area. 

Come up with a special marketing strategy for the on-season time

No disaster or calamity comes announced or with a notification, hence when the time arrives not many people are mentally prepared to handle the disaster. This holds true even for the restoration experts.

You must be fully prepared when the disaster comes with your plan of action for getting your word out to the people who may be seeking your services. Here is what you can do:

  • Post flyers around the city
  • Paste posters around the shops
  • Send emergency assistance emails to your client list 
  • Get out a word on Television
  • Send text messages 

You must have all these strategies in your arsenal so that when the time arrives, you know what to do, so do your employees. All your emails, text messages, and flyers must be drafted well before time.  

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