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Latest Blogs

How to prevent and repair an iPhone from water damage

Some of the companies claim their electrical appliances to be waterproof, however, Apple does not claim its products to be waterproof but water-resistant. 

How can we prevent water damage with AI smart Technology?

New data show smart home gadgets can help avoid one of the highest loss expenses carriers face. It's undeniable how the Al smart technology has modified the lives of homeowners globally.

10 Immediate Steps to Take while experiencing Water Damage

The thing about owning a house is that anything can go wrong, especially season change time or natural elements lined up against you. One of those cases is water damage or flooding in your house.

How do I Become Certified in Fire and Water Restoration?

There are a lot of corporations offering certification regarding various services; you can link up to anyone to continue your certification process.

Simple tips for cleaning and disinfecting your office professionally

To stay safe from the outbreak of this virus, all of us should regularly disinfect ourselves and the places that we regularly visit, such as our workplaces and houses, to be safe from the fatal virus.