How do I Become Certified in Fire and Water Restoration?

Become Certified in Fire and Water Restoration

Every great company calls for certification, you need to get certified to attract more clients and elevate your company’s level to professionals.

If you are considering working for the fire extinguisher corporation or provide water services, you need to consider going for certification and insurance since they both are extremely risky and tricky services that could end up badly if not taken care of in a proper manner.

You can get enrolled in the certification process in a few simple and easy steps. Our step-by-step guide will walk you through the whole process and throw some light on some of the great companies providing certification in their department.

Without further delay, let’s dive into it right away:

Choose Your Certification

Whenever registering for your certification process, the web page will ask you to choose your certification program. This step is the first and most important part of the procedure.

One needs to be cleared of where one is heading towards.

The moment you click on the registration websites or companies, you will come across several certification courses and programs each beholding distinct requirements and criteria.

In the end, it always depends upon what you want, what are your skills, where your interest lies, what your career goals are and where do you see yourself going.

For instance, if you link up to the general certification program such as International Restoration Institute, they will offer you a wide range of specialization and certification courses.

Some of them are as follows:

  • Water Restoration Specialist
  • Fire Restoration Specialist
  • Mold Remediation Specialist
  • Disaster Estimation Specialist
  • Disaster Recovery Specialist

Once, you make up your mind you are on your way to the certification process.

Research Training Courses and Certification Exam

Before you begin your training and register for the certification exam, it is always better to research about them and have you familiarize yourself.

To see the bigger picture and have an insight into what exactly will be asked from you in the exam, try and download the exam objectives and practice test questions.  This will help you analyze what to cover, what to focus more on and what you should expect from the certification test.

While it is not likely for the same question to appear on your exam, it will help you prepare for better, give you a better perspective, boost up your confidence and help you understand what you can expect from the certification exam.

Another important step that well-certified professionals make sure to take is to research and familiarize themselves with the training courses beforehand.

This will not only just give a good impression, but will also help you see what they expect from you and if you are prepared for it or not.

If you are into fire and water restoration, you can always jump to International Restoration Institute to have an overlook of the courses they offer.

Here are some of the fire certification training courses:

  • Fire Chemistry
  • Science of fires and flames
  • Fire Damage Classifications
  • Basic and Advanced Fire Damage
  • Restoration Methods
  • Pre-Cleanup
  • Continuing Damage
  • Damaged and Unsalvageable for fire restoration
  • Fire Restoration Site Safety

The Water Training courses are also mentioned below:

  • Water Removal Techniques for water restoration
  • Antimicrobials and Biocides for water restoration
  • Thermal imaging applications for water restoration
  • Moisture detection equipment used during a water restoration project
  • Water restoration drying strategies
  • Relative Humidity as a science
  • Working with humidity during a water restoration job
  • Psychometrics

Training Course

Now comes the most important and kind of difficult step that one needs to take to become certified for fire and water restoration.

There are a lot of industries and companies that are providing restoration skills and training courses to franchise owners and insurance industry employees.

One such example is the name Servpro Industries; they have various training departments to train regarding the following fields:

  • Crew Training
  • Fire Restoration
  • Water Restoration
  • Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning

Some of their training programs are listed below:

New Franchise Training

This type of training department offers 15 days of in-house, hands-on training programs typically for new franchise owners but also including valuable courses for their employees.

In-depth knowledge and training for fire and water restoration are given under this department.


This is a web-based program that is used to guide the employees regarding various aspects of fire and water restoration. This is conducted with video presentations, support material followed by a test exam at the end of the session.

IICRC Training Program

This type offers year-round classes covering all the essential elements for the training of water and fire restoration.

Register and Take your Certification Exam

The last thing that is required for the completion of the certification process is to register and take a certification exam.

After you have been trained and learned about all the skills, you are ready to jump into the process.

To register for your certification exam, you need to go to IICRC where you will be provided with a form. You need to provide your correct and required information and register for the exam.

After registration, you will need to pay a non-refundable fee of about $80.00 to receive login information for you to be able to give the exam.

If you don’t pay the fee, you will not be provided with a login setup and will be unable to sit in the exam. Once paid, the IICRC Exam team will send you an email within 2-4 business days explaining how to log in to Proctorio to take the exam virtually once the course is complete.

One Important thing to note here is that the certification exam must be completed within 45 days of completing the training course.  If not, you will need to apply for a retest with a non-refundable fee.

Final Thoughts:

After going through these 4 important steps and finally clearing your certification exam, you will be successfully certified for fire and water restoration.

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